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Winters in Schaumburg have a reputation for being bitterly cold. Because of this, it’s essential your home properly heated. The first step in keeping your home warm when the temperatures plummet is making sure your furnace can keep up with the demand. If your furnace isn’t working at its best, contact us at Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling. Our same day service will get your running furnace again. Your home in Schaumburg will be warm and cozy fast. We have 24/7 emergency services available and our technicians have the training to service all makes and models.  

Schedule an appointment for all of your furnace repair and maintenance needs. First, we’ll send a technician to your home. Next, the technician will thoroughly inspect the furnace’s components. Then, the technician will explain the results and give you honest, expert recommendations. If repairs are needed, you can rely on us to fix any issues properly the first time. We won’t inconvenience you with additional trips to your home in Schaumburg. Our technicians have the equipment, training, and knowledge to fix any repair you furnace can muster. Bloomingdale HVAC is trusted with furnace repairs all throughout the Schaumburg area. We’re honored to have one of the highest central heat and air customer retention rates in Schaumburg. 

If your furnace needs repair or routine maintenance, contact us at Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning Inc at 630-517-0441. We’ll give you professional advice from our knowledgeable staff. Our technicians are equipped with all that’s necessary to get your furnace running properly.

Signs your furnace might need repair

By knowing what to look for, you can help avoid the hassle of a broken furnace this winter in Schaumburg. Below are some common signs that may signify that your furnace needs some attention. 

  1. Higher heating bills: Gas and electricity prices can vary for a variety of reasons. But, if there are unexpected increases in your heating bills, a broken furnace could be why. A compromised furnace will use up more energy because it’s working harder to make up for the output it would usually generate. Higher energy consumption will show up in your home’s energy bills.
  2. Unusual noises: Knocking or banging noises when your heater turns on almost always means trouble. If these noises are occurring, call us and our technician will locate the source and repair it.
  3. Different Color Flame: Be observant of the furnace’s flame color. A furnace’s pilot flame should always be a consistent bright blue. This means that it’s burning evenly. But, if the flame is yellow or flickering, the furnace could be burning carbon monoxide. This could be a precarious situation, especially if you smell gas. Don’t ignore it. Turn off the unit, exit the house and call the fire department. 
  4. Frequent Repairs: If your furnace requires more repairs more frequently, it could be time to invest in a new system. That may seem expensive initially, but keep in mind newer units are more energy efficient. They’re cheaper to run and a new system may even reduce your utility bills. Plus, a new unit can help you avoid the inconvenience of constant disruption and service calls.
  5. Reduced Air Quality In Your Home: If the air quality in your home feels dry and musty, a new furnace could be the answer. Today’s modern systems are equipped with special moisture control features. These newer features can really help improve your home’s indoor air quality, even during the dry winter months.


Furnace Inspection Services in Schaumburg

Ask us about the comprehensive multi-point inspection services we offer here at Bloomingdale HVAC. When you use our annual maintenance services, you can help keep your furnace running optimally this winter. First, we’ll begin by checking all of the furnace’s components. Then, the technician will give you the results of the inspection and offer any professional suggestions for your furnace. 

A properly heated home warm during winter is crucial, because a compromised furnace can lead to more problems than just discomfort. In fact, strongly recommend keeping your furnace running at all times during cold months, regardless of whether you’re home or away. Temperatures can drop with little notice in Schaumburg, and if your home’s furnace is broken or not powered up, the water in the home’s pipes could freeze and burst. Help avoid the inconvenience, mess and expensive repairs of this by keeping your furnace turned on. If your furnace needs maintenance, call us to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us for your Furnace Repair needs in Schaumburg

Choosing Bloomingdale HVAC for your furnace repair and maintenance needs means you’re choosing qualified professionals with years of experience. Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is a licensed Carrier dealer. Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes to replacing and installing new units in homes in Schaumburg, Illinois. Give us the chance to earn your business by providing you with superior furnace repair services.

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“I had a leak coming from my furnace. One company told me that it was the heat exchanger and I would need to replace it (might as well get a new furnace for the cost)!!! Joey from Bloomingdale Heating & Air came out the next day and was able to confirm it was a crack in the collector box, ran all the way to Elgin to get a replacement and fixed the problem at a fraction of the cost. I will NEVER use anybody but Bloomingdale Heating and Air for my HVAC needs..they are honest, professional, local and their prices are competitive. THANK YOU!!!”

Laurie M.

Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning were referred to me by my friend/neighbor, and I am now referring them to my family (who have already hired them) and friends! Great professional services, with high quality and fair pricing.

Barbara T.

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