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    Bloomingdale HVAC is one of the top recognized air conditioning services in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and the surrounding area for repairing air conditioners when they break down. Just because your air conditioning system is not working does not mean you have to replace the entire system. You can rely on us to come out and isolate the problems you are having and know that we will have the parts you need to repair as quickly as possible.


    When it comes to air conditioning repair we are on hand whenever you need us, even with advice to walk you through what you need. We take time out to understand the problem and work with you in order to find the best solution necessary.

    There are some warning signs that your air conditioning system might be broken. If you are experiencing any of these please call Bloomingdale HVAC today:

    1. When your air conditioner turns on you hear a knocking noise
    2. Your conditioner is blowing air but it doesn’t feel cold or the room is not cooling off
    3. Your air flowing out is significantly less than it was before
    4. There is moisture build up inside your unit or around your unit
    5. There is a bad smell coming through your vents

    If you are experiencing any of these problems, call Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning and we can help you today! Don’t wait until a fixable and cheap repair might turn in to you having to replace your whole system.

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    I am extremely happy with Bloomingdale Heating & Air!!!  After battling with another company for several weeks to  get my HVAC replaced they came out the following day after I first called them to give me a quote.  I was happy with the technicians the day of installation.  They made sure I was happy with they way they removed the old and brought in the new HVAC.  I am most of all with Peter Wakely!!  He even called me back today 3 days after it was installed to make sure everything was working properly and to see if I had any questions.  I would definitely recommend them!!

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