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Commercial HVAC Services Schaumburg

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling not only specializes in air conditioning and heating services for all residents of Schaumburg Illinois, but also for commercial businesses as well! We bring our same great reputation we have working with homeowners to business owners in the area because we know that your business needs to operate smoothly and comfortably for your employees! We do commercial air conditioning repair, commercial air conditioning replacement, and commercial air conditioning inspection services for your business whenever you need us!

Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

During the summer months in Schaumburg, Illinois temperatures can hit 90+ degrees pretty regularly. This means that your business needs to offer air conditioning to not only your employees but also your customers. More people are going to be drawn into a business if they are looking to cool off while they are out and about on a hot day. This is where Bloomingdale HVAC can help! We can make sure that your employees are comfortable and relaxed so your business can continue to run with optimal precision. If you are looking for commercial air conditioning services call our experts today!

Our commercial air conditioning technicians are constantly training on the latest equipment and brands. We want to ensure that we get your business back to normal as soon as possible. There are typical problems that arise when it comes to your commercial air conditioning that you can be aware of and spot before it becomes a bigger problem.


  1. Maintenance Problems: Most common on the list of problems to look out for is a lack of maintenance on your commercial air conditioning unit. Since your unit is usually on a roof or is a giant system in the area, it means that it is running more frequently and exposed to the elements more than your residential unit. Make sure that your commercial air conditioning unit is inspected regularly, or that your landlord is making sure it is, before small problems become big ones.
  2. Clogged Filters: Clogged filters and dirty filters are the number one reason why air conditioning systems break down faster than normal. Whether it is a commercial unit or a residential unit, Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning reminds you to change your filters! This will increase the life expectancy of your unit and help your unit run more smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Refrigerant Leaks: When your commercial air conditioning unit takes warm air in and passes it over the coils, your refrigerant is what cools the air off and blows it inside your business. Leaking refrigerant is a more common problem in commercial air conditioning units because of elemental exposure. If air is blowing through your store but it is not cold, this might be a problem with your refrigerant. Call Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning today and let us ensure that yours is not leaking.
  4. Air Balance Problems: If one office in your building is always cold, and another office is always hot, this could be a sign of improper ductwork or improper balancing in the dampers for your store or business. Call us today and we can make sure that your duct works and dampers are balanced correctly.
  5. Thermostat Problems: Lastly, it might not be the air conditioner at all. Your thermostat might be broken or may need to be replaced. Installing a commercial thermostat system can be technical and a challenge. Use a professional service to work on your commercial thermostats to make sure everything is installed and working correctly.


Commercial Air Conditioning Services Schaumburg

Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning is your number one choice as a business to make sure your air conditioning system is working all season long. If you notice any of these problems inside your retail space, office building or commercial warehouse call us:

  • Strange sounds like knocking or scratching coming through your system
  • Inconsistent air flow or one area of your business being hotter than the rest
  • A rise in your normal electricity bill
  • Odors and smells that you never noticed before

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