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Cooling & Air Conditioning Services

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At Bloomingdale HVAC, we want to be your top choice for air conditioning services in Elk Grove and the Northwest Suburbs. It’s our goal is to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summers in Elk Grove. We also want to make sure your air conditioning system is ready to go before summer arrives. Not only are we dedicated to repairing, installing, and replacing your air conditioning system, but we also have the parts close at hand to make the repair quickly.

Call Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning Inc at 630-517-0441 for advice from our knowledgeable staff or contact us. Let’s discuss what home’s cooling needs are and find a solution that will stay within budget. If there are problems with your current air conditioning system, you can trust our experience, skills and equipment to fix the problem. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Elk Grove

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is proud to be a licensed Carrier dealer. Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes to replacing and installing new air conditioning units in your home. If you’ve recently purchased a new air conditioning unit and have questions, call Bloomingdale HVAC.

We are on hand when you need us for all air conditioning services in Elk Grove. Check out our latest special deals on all air conditioning here.


Air Conditioning Repair in Elk Grove

Bloomingdale HVAC is one of the most trusted services in Elk Grove, Illinois, and the surrounding community for repairing air conditioners. If your air conditioning system isn’t working, that doesn’t necessarily mean the entire system needs to be replaced. Schedule an appointment with us! Our technician will arrive promptly, conduct a thorough inspection to find the problem, and explain what’s required to fix it. Plus we’re supplied with the parts necessary to make the repair.

It’s highly adventageous to maintain your air conditioning system. Be on the lookout for warning signs that could indicate that your air conditioning system may need attention. If you’re seeing any of the following anomalies, don’t wait to call Bloomingdale HVAC:

  1. There’s a knocking noise when powering on the system
  2. The air conditioner is blowing, but the air out of the vents isn’t cold
  3. The amount air flowing out is significantly less than usual
  4. You notice moisture inside or around your unit
  5. You notice a foul odor coming through the vents

Call Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning if these indicators sound familiar to what’s going on with your home’s unit. We can help you today! Don’t let a repairable, relatively inexpensive fix turn into a whole system replacement.

Air Conditioning Inspection in Elk Grove

As is true with other machinery, if you neglect a problem, the entire thing can breakdown. In other words, repairs are relatively affordable. At Bloomingdale HVAC, we believe in saving our customers money wherever we’re able to. This is why we offer annual maintenance inspection services for your air conditioning system. 

Having annual inspections can help prevent a catastrophic failure of the whole air conditioning system, especially if the system is older or showing signs of wear. Air conditioning inspections will not only ensure the life of your system, but find and repair small problems. Don’t get stuck with a broken air conditioner during a heatwave. Get ahead of the line before summer arrives by calling Bloomingdale HVAC today to make sure your unit is working and running efficiently. 

By calling Bloomingdale HVAC, our multi-point inspection service can help save you money, time, and reduce the energy  costs of air conditioning.

Schedule an appointment with Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling for all of your home’s air conditioning system needs in Elk Grove, IL. We want to impress you with our excellent repair and replacement services. 


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There service was top notch Anthony the owner really cares about you making the right decision on what your home needs, and there is no upselling. I bought a furnace ,ac, and humidifier the day of the install the guys laid down cardboard and drop cloths and worked hard. Very nice installers. 5 stars for them, too. When done, they cleaned everything and did an awesome job. No hack job here. They are pros. I will never use anyone else but them in the future. Thank you Bloomingdale Heating and Air.

Daniel T.

The guys came out quickly & did a great Job. So glad we live so close. Will be calling again if ever there’s an issue with our home project or any future maintenance. Thanks guys!
Julie P.

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