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Summer is coming in Bloomingdale and it’s essential to get your air conditioning system ready before the heat. The experts at Bloomingdale HVAC can inspect, repair, install, and even replace your current air conditioning system. We have the knowledge, experience and parts needed to perform the repair quickly. Our goal is to keep your home cool this summer. At Bloomingdale HVAC, we’re dedicated to being your number one choice for air conditioning services in Bloomingdale and the Northwest Suburbs.

Call us Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning Inc at 630-517-0441 or contact us for professional recommendations from our experienced staff. We’ll discuss about your home’s cooling needs and determine the demand required to cool the space. From that point, we’ll formulate a solution that will stay within your budget. If there are problems with your home’s current air conditioning system, you can trust our experience, training and equipment to get it back in shape. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is proud a licensed Carrier dealer. Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes to replacing and installing new air conditioning units in your Bloomingdale home. If you have questions about your recently purchased air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to call us at Bloomingdale HVAC. 

We’re here when you need us for all air conditioning services in Bloomingdale. Check out our latest special deals on all air conditioning here.


Air Conditioning Repair in Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale HVAC has garnered a reputation in Bloomingdale, Illinois for being one of the most dependable services for repairing air conditioners in the area. If your air conditioning system isn’t working, that doesn’t always mean that the system can’t be fixed. First, schedule an appointment with us. Next, our skilled technician will arrive at your door to begin a thorough inspection. Then the technician will furnish you with a full explanation what’s required to fix the problem. Our technicians are equpped with the parts necessary to ensure a prompt repair.

It’s highly advisable to be proactive with the maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system. Outside of yearly maintenance, here are some warning signs to be aware of that may indicate that your air conditioning system may require some additional action:

  1. There’s a knocking noise when the system powers on
  2. The air conditioner system is blowing, but the air coming out of the vents isn’t cold
  3. The amount of airflow flowing through the vents is significantly lower
  4. You see moisture building up inside or around the unit
  5. You smell a foul stench coming through the vents

Call Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning if you see any of these indicators occurring with your home’s system. A minor repair can turn into an expensive system replacement if left unattended to. Safeguard your home’s HVAC investment and stay cool this summer.

Air Conditioning Inspection in Bloomingdale

Whenever possible, maintaining a system is preferable to a system replacement. Just like other household appliances, if you ignore a problem, the whole thing can break. At Bloomingdale HVAC, we value our customers’ time and want to be as convenient as possible. We also want to save money if we’re able to. That’s why we highly recommend utilizing our annual maintenance inspection services. 

Annual maintenance can help avoid a catastrophic failure of the while air conditioning system, even more so if the system is older or showing signs of wear. Air conditioner maintenance can ensure the life of your system, but also find and repair minor issues before they become bigger issues. Get your air conditioner ready for summer. Call Bloomingdale HVAC for our multi-point inspection service. Some preventative maintenance can go a long way in saving you money, time, and it may even lower your energy costs.

Schedule an appointment with Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling today for your home’s air conditioning system needs in Bloomingdale, IL. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business with our excellent repair and replacement services. 


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The absolute best service I have ever received. Jesse our technician was so much fun to be around and so inclusive with what he was doing and kind. I’ll never use anyone else again!!!

Kristen B.

My air conditioner stopped working, it was very hot. They showed up within 2 hours! Joey gave me different options and was able to fix it. Their response time was so impressive. They definitely won my loyalty.
Krista M.

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