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AC Installation in Northlake, Illinois

When summer arrives in Northlake, it’s a safe bet it’s going to get hot. Having a dependable air conditioner is crucial for your home when the temperatures soar. If your air conditioner stops working, your home’s interior will get very sticky. Perhaps the system just needs a repair, but if your air conditioner is constantly breaking down, it’s time to think about upgrading. A new AC installation will cool your home down fast and be covered by warranty.

Our skilled staff at Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning will give you professional advice. First, contact us at Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning today. Next, let’s schedule a convenient appointment. Then, we can go over some options that will be ideal for your home.

At Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve earned a reputation for providing high quality air conditioning services for more than 30 years. Thanks to our loyal customers for giving us a high customer retention rate in Northlake. Our licensed technicians have the skills to perform new AC installations, evaluations, tune-ups, and repairs. Plus we can service all makes and models.

Don’t hestitate to contact us at Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning at 630-517-0441 for your home’s new AC installation. In fact, our technicians are supplied with the tools and experience to take care of all your air conditioning needs. We’ll give you the expert advice you need for you home.

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Benefits of a New AC Installation in Northlake

Household appliances are expensive and replacing one can be daunting. Thankfully, you’ll experience the rewards of a new AC installation immediately. Below are some of the benefits your home in Northlake will receive after a new AC installation:

Energy efficiency: Firstly, modern systems are more energy efficient. Your home will be comfortably conditioned, but with far less energy consumption. A new AC installation may even reduce your energy expenses. While the upfront expense of a new system can seem like a lot, the investment will pay off. It’s also important to keep in mind that older systems use R-22 freon. Therefore, it’s very expensive to replenish this phased out refrigerant. Today’s systems use R-401A refrigerant, which is readily available and more environmentally-friendly. 

Improved air quality: Secondly, today’s systems are better at removing humidity. During the AC installation, your technician will inspect and clean your home’s air ducts and install a new air handler. This process and new equipment will remove dust from the air. The improved air quality will be noticeable. Maintaining it is just a matter of changing the system’s air filters regularly.  

Fewer repairs: Thirdly, if your system is breaking down constantly, those repair bills add up fast. Think about how much money you could be saving with a new AC installation. After all, a new AC installation will give you peace of mind, but you’ll also love the money you’re not spending on repair bills. If your new AC needs a repair, it’s under warranty.

The professionals at Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling can handle of all your home’s AC needs. First, start by scheduling an appointment with us. Next, an experienced technician will arrive at your door. Then, your technician will conduct thorough inspection of the AC unit to evaluate its overall condition. From there, the technician can determine what’s needed to cool space. Lastly, the technician will give you options that will be perfect for your home.  


Signs that your home in Northlake needs an AC installation

We always emphasize the importance regular maintenance is because it helps AC systems last longer. Yearly maintenance helps you get the most out of your investment. However, if the system isn’t meeting the demand, consider upgrading. Here are some signs to look out for that may signify that your air conditioner needs attention.

      1. The air blowing out of the vents isn’t cold. It could be low refrigerant, but it may be a broken compressor.
      2. Weak airflow could be due to a problem with the vents, but it could also be a compromised system.
      3. If there’s excessive moisture gathering around the unit, give us a call to make sure it’s not coolant. 
      4. Noises such as knocking or banging could be the belt or bearings. Call us to check it out.
      5. Some spaces are cooler than others could be from a busted thermostat. Let’s install a new one. 
      6. If the system is older than 10-15 years, consider it an opportunity to upgrade to an energy efficient system.
      7. The AC system constantly needs repairs, consider an upgrade.

Regardless of whether your system needs maintenance or a new AC installation, we have the skills to provide service. Don’t wait to contact us at Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment today.

Replacement & New AC Installation Northlake

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is a licensed Carrier dealer. Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes to replacing and installing new air conditioning units in your Northlake, Illinois home.

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