A/C Tune-Ups in Streamwood Illinois

Before summer arrives in Streamwood, IL, it’s crucial to make sure your home’s air conditioner prepared. A broken down A/C during a heatwave can make your household uncomfortable and sticky. By scheduling an appointment with Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning for an A/C tune-up, we can get your air conditioner ready to go.

Bloomingdale Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 30 years of experience offering air conditioning service in the Streamwood, Illinois area. Our expertly trained, licensed technicians are available for air conditioner inspections, tune-up maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We’ll keep your home’s indoor climate comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

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Reasons to get an A/C Tune-Up Streamwood

Most don’t realize all the gunk from dust, dirt, moisture, and microbial growths that collect on critical components. It can hinder the operation of the evaporator coil or condenser coil during normal system cooling cycle. If not dealt with, it can lead to loss of efficiency or worse, a breakdown of component materials. With annual air conditioning system maintenance, you can help increase the longevity of the system.  

Keep your home’s indoor climate comfortable this summer. First, call Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling to schedule an A/C tune-up. Next, an experienced technician will be at your doorstep for your appointment. Then the technician will get to work inspecting outdoor and indoor units. We’ll perform an extensive cleaning of the vital components, check cooling temperatures, and look for other signs of potential issues that could lead to trouble if left unattended to. An A/C tune-up can ensure reliability, longevity, and address minor problems before they cause damage. 

Annual maintenance is very affordable. Indeed, it pales in comparison to the cost of an expensive repair. A/C tune-ups help maximize the energy efficiency of your system, which in turn saves you money on your utility bills.

To summarize, Bloomingdale HVAC can save you money, time, and help you lower your cost of running the air conditioning system with our multi-point inspection service.


A/C Tune-Up Checklist in Streamwood

When performing an A/C tune-up, our technicians note the air conditioner system performance in various modes of operation. This helps us learn more about its condition and determine if repairs or adjustments are needed. Below is a list of some of the items we check during the process:

      1. Make sure that all electrical connections are secured and working correctly
      2. Tighten all physical connections of individual parts
      3. Check the air filter. If necessary, we’ll replace or clean it
      4. Check the run capacitor to look for any bulging or odd markings or color
      5. Inspect and clean outdoor condenser coil
      6. Inspect the indoor evaporator coil and look for any obstruction
      7. Check and clean the condensate drainage system
      8. Clean and adjust the blower components
      9. Check the refrigerant charge levels and air flow, and make sure there aren’t any refrigerant leaks

Once the evaluation is complete, we’ll provide a summary of the results along with our expert recommendations. A repair may be needed, but fixing a minor problem will save you time, inconvenience and money. Protect your home’s investment and the indoor climate comfortable. Schedule an appointment with Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling for an A/C tune-up. 

Replacement & New Air Conditioning Installation Streamwood

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is a licensed Carrier dealer. Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes to replacing and installing new air conditioning units in your Streamwood, Illinois home.

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I am extremely happy with Bloomingdale Heating & Air!!! After battling with another company for several weeks to get my HVAC replaced they came out the following day after I first called them to give me a quote. I was happy with the technicians the day of installation. They made sure I was happy with they way they removed the old and brought in the new HVAC. I am most of all with Peter Wakely!! He even called me back today, 3 days after it was installed to make sure everything was working properly and to see if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Bloomingdale Heating & Air!!

Sylvia S.

Bloomingdale Heating and Air have been there each time we’ve had an issue. Our already installed Goodman furnaces have been horrible with several repairs (one during a cold snap last year). One of our two 2007 AC units died in 2019 during a huge heating spell and BHA was there!! We dont feel as though weve overpaid with Bloomingdale Heating and Air. We arent ready to install new ones but if we do we are using BHA!! They’ve been there for us with our private property and flip properties. Call them!

Tiffany S.

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