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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services


Bloomingdale HVAC is your number one option when it comes to air conditioning services in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  We want to make sure your home, and most importantly your family is cool and comfortable during the hot summer months of Chicago.  We also want to make sure your air conditioning system is working properly for those random Chicago days, we all know, when the temperature decides to skyrocket for no reason. We are dedicated to helping you not only repair, install, or replace your air conditioning system, but to provide you with the parts you need to make sure you can.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is a licensed Carrier dealer.  Carrier is the standard in the industry when it comes replacing and installing new air conditioning units in your home.  If you have recently purchased a new air conditioning unit and have questions about how to install it in your home, let us at Bloomingdale HVAC do it for you.

We are ready on hand when you need us for all air conditioning services in Chciago-land Check out our latest special deals on all air conditioning here.



Air Conditioning Repair

Bloomingdale HVAC is one of the top recognized air conditioning services in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, for repairing air conditioners when they break down.  Just because your air conditioning system is not working does not mean you have to replace the entire system.  You can rely on us to come out and isolate the problems you are having, and know that we will have the parts you need to repair as quickly as possible.

When it comes to air conditioning repair we are on hand whenever you need us, even with advice to walk you through what you need.  We take time out to understand the problem and work with you in order to find the best solution necessary.

There are some warning signs that your air conditioning system might be broken.  If you are experiencing any of these please call Bloomingdale HVAC today:

  • When your air conditioner turns on you hear a knocking noise
  • Your conditioner is blowing air but it doesn’t feel cold or the room is not cooling off.
  • Your air flowing out is significantly less than it was before.
  • There is moisture build up inside your unit or around your unit.
  • There is a bad smell coming through your vents.

If you experiencing any of these problems, call Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning and we can help you today! Don’t wait until a less costly repair might turn in to you having to replace your whole system.

 Air Conditioning Inspection

One of the reasons you don’t want to hold off on a repair is because a repair might be relatively cheaper to accomplish.  However, much like a car engine, if you continue to ignore the problem then the entire system will go, leading to a costly replacement unit.  Bloomingdale HVAC believes in helping their customers wherever they can and that includes saving money.  This is also one of the reasons why we offer inspection services of your air conditioning system.

Inspections can prevent a catastrophic failure of your system, especially if your system is older or showing signs of wear.  Having your air conditioning unit inspected each year will not only ensure the life of your system but also prevent you from having to replace the entire system in the future. You never want to get caught in the middle of July when the temperature is 100 degrees or higher, with no air conditioning system.  Bloomingdale HVAC is always on hand to make sure your unit is working, running effectively, and will identify ways that you might be able to save money.

One of the biggest problems we notice is that air conditioning systems need to be right for the house they are cooling.  Sometimes people either don’t have a good enough system to cool the entire home or have a bigger system for the home they need.  Custom fit air conditioning systems for your home will save you money in the long because your system won’t have to run as long to cool down the house.  Inspection services can also give you insight in to maybe saving you money by getting a new system.  With the advancement of technology, air conditioning systems are relatively cheaper then they were, and also run more efficiently cutting down on your monthly bill.

In the end, Bloomingdale HVAC can save you money, time, and help you lower your cost of air conditioning with our multi-point inspection service for your home.