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Residential Maintenance Home Solution Plan

Bloomingdale HVAC is pleased to now offer 2 residential Home Solution Plans, that will save you time and money.  This will give you the assurance that your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems are working for you and are continually maintained to work through any season.

What Are The Benefits To A Home Solution Plan?

Better energy efficiency – If your HVAC system isn’t tuned up annually, it’s energy efficiency declines about five percent a year. The regular care it receives under our Home Solution Plans keeps it operating at peak efficiency, so you’ll spend less on heating and cooling all year long.

Fewer costly repairs – A routine service visit gives us a chance to identify minor issues so you can get them fixed before they escalate into major problems that require more expensive repairs.

Peace of mind – HVAC system problems often occur at the peak of the season when heating or cooling equipment is under the greatest amount of strain. With our Home Solution Plans in place, you can rest easy that you’ll receive a prompt diagnosis and repair, and avoid extra costs like overtime fees.

Longer service life – Well maintained HVAC equipment operates more reliably and lasts longer than equipment that’s neglected, so you can help your systems reach or even exceed its expected lifespan when you opt in for our Home Solution Plans.

Warranty compliance – If your equipment is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty and a component fails, our Home Solutions Plan provides you with proof that you’ve met the manufacturer’s requirements when you file a claim.

Savings on service and repairs – Our Home Solution Plans also come with discounts on services and repairs, as well as new equipment purchases and installations.

Convenient automatic monthly billing – Available to credit card or debit card account customers.

Professional service – Professional service is provided by our licensed, certified, skilled in-house technicians and installers.

No service fees or trip charges – Service fees and trip charges are waived for our customers who take advantage of our Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Plan.

We have split our Total Home Solution Plans into options, a Maintenance plan and a repair plan”

Residential Maintenance Home Solution Plan

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan: $13.50/mo per system

(Humidifier maintenance including water panel: $3.50/mo) additional charge per system

This plan includes:

  • Annual performance tune-up on one central air conditioner or heat pump in April or May
  • One comprehensive annual peak performance tune-up and safety check on one furnace or boiler in September or October
  • Maintenance coverage will begin 30 days after enrollment

The furnace maintenance includes:

  • Check and test hot surface ignitor or spark ignitor
  • Inspect heat exchanger cells for cracks
  • Check and test blower motor and wheel
  • Change filter if a replacement is on hand or we can provide filters for an additional cost
  • Inspect furnace for noises or vibrations
  • Inspect and test all safeties for proper operation
  • Check heating unit venting and drafting
  • Visual inspection of water heater
  • Check for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Replace thermocouple if needed
  • Clean flame sensor or replace if needed

The air conditioning maintenance includes:

  • Change filter if a replacement is on hand or we can provide filters for an additional cost
  • Check refrigerant levels and add up to a maximum of 2 pounds of replacement refrigerant per annual term – if more than 2 pounds is needed, additional charges will apply
  • Inspect and clean condenser
  • Check capacitor, contactor, fan motor, compressor and all electrical connections

We provide maintenance to all makes and models and there are no restrictions on the age of the unit.  Your plan can be canceled at any time with a 30 days’ notice and you will only be responsible for payment for the months you are on the plan. Bloomingdale Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.