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Air Conditioning Carol Stream

Air Conditioning Carol Stream


Air Conditioning Services:

Bloomingdale HVAC is your number one choice in air conditioning services throughout the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. You and your family should stay cool and comfortable during the summer seasons. Your air conditioning system should also be ready to work properly when the random Chicago weather surprises us. We want to provide you with the all the parts you will need when it comes to repairing, installing, or replacing your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement:

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling is a licensed Lennox dealer. Lennox is a dependable choice and most standard in the industry today. If you have any questions on a newly purchased air conditioning unit regarding installation or maintenance, call us at Bloomingdale HVAC and we can do it for you.

At Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling, we are always ready to help with your air conditioning and installation services.


Air Conditioning Inspection Carol Stream

Holding off on a repair could create more problems for your air conditioner. Letting problems slide could cause the entire air conditioner to go, causing more money out of your pocket. Bloomingdale HVAC offers inspection services for air conditioners to help our customers save money.

Yearly inspections help ensure the life on your air conditioning system. Inspections reduce the need to replace an entire system in the future. Make sure to get your air conditioner inspected before it’s the middle of summer and it breaks on you. Bloomingdale HVAC is always on hand to make sure your system is working properly and effectively. Our experts will come out and inspect your system to see if it is the proper size for your home. If your system is not the right size, it could be costing you extra money because it is unable to cool your house properly.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Carol Stream

Maintaining your air conditioning system is crucial so it can function correctly when you decide to turn it on. Not maintaining your air conditioning system puts it at a higher risk of breaking or not performing efficiently. Spending a little extra time on maintenance will cost less than spending money to fix or replace an air conditioning unit.


Steps To Maintain Your Air Conditioner:

  • Clean the air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coils. Clean filters prevent the evaporator coil from soiling quickly and make it last longer.
  • Routinely clean or replace its filters: When normal air flow gets blocked by clogged or dirty air filters, it reduces the quality of the system. Blocked air conditioning filters can cause your system to run weaker causing the system to run longer resulting in spending more money.
  • Condensate your drains: Running a stiff wire through the drain occasionally will keep the drain clear. A clogged drain  prevents the system from working properly.
  • Comb coil fins: Bent coil fins on an air conditioning unit may block air flow. Using a “fin comb” will place the fins back into almost original placement.
  • Prepare to winter: Cover you air conditioning unit in the winter to protect it from the winter weather and debris.
  • Seal windows in every room: Checking the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to make sure it has contact with the unit’s metal case.
  • Hiring a professional: If you have any serious problems with your air conditioning unit it is best to call a professional. Hire a professional service technician to find or fix any problems your system may have.

Air Conditioning Repair Carol Stream

Bloomingdale HVAC is one of the top recognized air conditioning services in Bloomingdale, Illinois and the surrounding areas, for repairing air conditioners when they break down. If your air conditioner stops working, it doesn’t always mean  you need a new system. We can send our professionals to come help with any repairs you might need.


Commercial Air Conditioning Carol Stream

We understand the importance of keeping your employees comfortable during the summer months. Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling can keep your business cool during the hot summer months. We offer all our air conditioning services to commercial businesses all summer long.

Bloomingdale HVAC has all the parts your commercial air conditioning system needs. We can help repair or install your air conditioner when an emergency happens with our 24/7 emergency service. Commercial air conditioners are bigger and more complicated to install than residential ones. If your business depends on air conditioning, call us at Bloomingdale HVAC for all your commercial air conditioning problems.

Bloomingdale Heating and Cooling are experts that can assist you with:


  • Commercial Air Conditioning Inspection
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Installation
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Repair


Air Conditioning Carol Stream

If you are looking for the best air conditioning service in Carol Stream, Illinois call the professionals at Bloomingdale HVAC. We are local, fast, and can solve any issues you throw at us.